Insulation and heating 

Insulation is the first step to a warmer, healthier and more comfortable home. All homes built or insulated before 2008 are recommended to be checked for insulation and topped up. Even with insulation, nearly all New Zealand homes will need heating to achieve recommended warmth levels.


At CEA we can help you getting the comfortable, healthy home you deserve. We can help both low and higher income households with subsidies available for low income households. CEA  is a service provider of the government's Kiwi Warmer Homes subsidy programme. 


CEA currently can provide:

for low-income owner-occupiers:


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for private rentals:


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for other homeowners:


(finance options available)

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Check out the overview of all subsidies currently available.


Low-income owner-occupiers


FREE installed insulation is available for eligible homeowners. Government subsidies through the Kiwi Warmer Homes programme provide a 80% subsidy. As a charitable trust we top this up to 100% to remove any barriers for low income households. Ceiling and underfloor insulation as well as an on-ground moisture barrier are included in the subsidy. Topping up of existing insulation is also eligible for a subsidy.


Eligibility criteria:

  • owner-occupier (live in the house you own) AND
  • house built before 2008 AND
  • valid Community Services Card or SuperGold combo card, OR 
  • live at a qualifying address - contact us to find out if your address qualifies. There are qualifying addresses in most towns/suburbs.


Getting subsidised insulation is easy, find out what you need to do.

Apply now for insulation subsidies


Need more than just insulation? Unsure what else to do to make your home warmer and easier to heat? Get a (free) Home Energy Check! Find out more.



The government's Warmer Kiwi Homes programme provides a 80% subsidy to a maximum of $3,000 for heat pumps, woodburners and pellet fires in the main living area. We only provide subsidies for woodburners and pellet fires but can refer you to a heat pump provider.


Eligibility criteria:

  • all criteria as per above for insulation AND
  • no functional fixed heating in the main living space


Getting subsidised heating is easy, find out about the process.

Apply now for heating subsidies.


Need more than just heating? Unsure what else to do to make your home warmer and easier to heat? Get a (free) Home Energy Check! Find out more.


Private rental properties 

Under new legislation (Healthy Homes Standards, part of the Residential Tenancy Amendment Act 2020) there are obligations for landlords in regards to insulation, fixed heating, ventilation, draught stopping, smoke alarms and more. We have worked with private landlords, property managers and their tenants for many years and can help assuring private rentals comply with the new legislation regarding insulation and documentation. Find out more about deadlines for the Healthy Homes Standards.


We can provide landlords and property managers with:

  • FREE insulation assessment
  • Insulation that complies with the Healthy Homes Standards
  • Insulation certificates, FREE with purchase of installed insulation, others at cost


Book a FREE, no-obligation insulation assessment (required for insulation and insulation certificates).


Other homeowners 

Insulation is a sound investment in what is probably your most valuable asset. All insulation installed before 2008, is likely in need of a top-up. Insulation will not just improve the warmth of your home and the health and comfort of its occupants. In a well-heated house, condensation and moisture is less likely to be a problem, protecting your house against rot and decay. 


At CEA we can provide ceiling insulation, underfloor insulation and underfloor moisture barriers. Wall insulation is available when linings or cladding is being removed/replaced. 


Not all insulation is made equal. At CEA we do it once, and do it right. Insulation from CEA will give you the confidence of:

  • Good QUALITY insulation that lasts for years: Insulation is an investment that you want to last. We don’t use inferior brands and materials untested in the long term.
  • Insulation to the same RECOMMENDED STANDARD as the government’s subsidy programme: We don’t believe in insulating to the absolute minimum standards of the Building Code. We insulate to recommended standards.
  • Getting insulation from us, is helping your COMMUNITY: We are a charity, making a profit is not our goal. Unlike commercial insulation companies, our surpluses go towards assistance to make homes warmer for households in need.


Book a FREE, no-obligation insulation assessment. 

Find out more about finance options.


Unsure where to best spend your money to make your house warmer and easier to heat? Get a (free) Home Energy Check! Find out more.


What is insulation and how does it work:

Insulation is a product that is installed in the roof and underfloor cavities. It works by trapping layers of still air, reducing the heat conductivity, and allowing less warm air to escape your home. If your house is poorly insulated, heating may be less effective and costly to run.


Insulation performance is measured in R values. Over time, insulation compacts, and the effectiveness of it is reduced. If your home was built before 2008, it is likely to need a top up of insulation.


Studies have shown the benefits to health of having a well insulated home.

View the Canterbury Healthy Homes Evaluation Report.


Types of insulation we use:

We use quality New Zealand made insulation products, that we tailor specifically to your home. Products include wool, polyester and fibreglass. All our insulation products have manufacturers guarantees for up to 50 years.


For information on foil insulation please click here.



CEA's easy process:

  • Contact us, and we’ll book you in for a no-cost, obligation-free insulation assessment. You can also fill out one of our online forms: "apply for subsidies" (if you are eligible) or "book an assessment" (others).
  • One of our expert assessors will come to your property, to inspect and measure your ceiling and underfloor (insulation) and discuss subsidies available to you.


If the assessor has assessed your insulation and it deemed it is insufficient:

  • We will prepare and send you a quote (or approval for work in the case of free insulation) to install (more) insulation. 
  • We will contact you to book your installation appointment once you have signed the quote (or approval for work in the case of free insulation) and paid the deposit (if required).
  • Once insulation has been installed, you may qualify for heating subsidies.


If the assessor has measured your insulation and it is up to standard and you need heating:

  • We will refer you to our heating contractor who will make an appointment for a heating assessment.

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