We are the Canterbury and West Coast insulation provider since 1994.


Cost-effective solutions and expert service with a charitable purpose


100% Warmer Kiwi Homes insulation subsidy available (criteria apply).


Whether you are looking for (subsidised) insulation or heating, other energy efficiency services or independent energy advice, we can help.

As a charitable trust we have your interest at heart. Our surpluses go to our charitable projects, helping households in the community keep warmer and healthier for less.



Insulation & Heating

Whether you are a low income household looking for subsidies, a landlord complying with new rental requirements or a homeowner making the house warmer, we do it all, and better than most. FREE insulation available for eligible customers. More ...

Energy Advice

Confused about where to start making your house warmer and your power bill lower? Get independent and comprehensive advice from our qualified Home Performance Advisors. Most services are free in many areas, including in-home energy assessments. More ...


Can't afford curtains to shut our draughts and cold from windows? We offer free, recycled curtains to households who cannot afford new ones. Also available for rental properties. More ... 


Get low-cost energy efficiency products that work: Like our famous Scoopy for window condensation, effective DIY window insulation, unique double door sausages and much more! Shop now ...

Our Stories

Read the stories about the difference our services make to real people in our communities.  And hear what our customers are saying about the way we work and help with advice. More ...


As a charitable trust we are able to provide more assistance to keep homes warm and healthy than many other organisations and companies. Have a look at what we are currently offering. Funding changes over time so check back regularly. More ...

Rental Compliance

From 1 December 2020 all new or renewed rental agreements need to include a statement of the current level of compliance with the Healthy Homes Standards for rental properties. More ...


Old style downlights are not just an inefficient form of lighting, they require large gaps to be left in ceiling insulation around the transformers, hugely affecting the effectiveness of your insulation. We can help with installing LEDs and fill the insulation gaps. More ...



CEA Welcomes SuperGold Card Holders

Community Energy Action


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