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Our Energy Advice Service provides independent energy advice and education to individual homeowners, tenants and landlords of existing and new homes. We can also provide presentations to community groups and professionals working with (vulnerable) people in the community.


Our Energy Advice Service offers the following services:

  • Home Energy Check: in-home assessment existing homes 
  • Design Well Check for new homes
  • Woodburner training
  • Group presentations
  • Energy advice over the phone/per email
  • Energy advice videos


Home Energy Check

Our experienced and highly qualified energy advisors provide in-home energy advice tailored to the homeowner/occupant, the Home Energy Check. A Home Energy Check looks at everything that uses energy including but not limited to insulation, heating, hot water, lighting, appliances. The check take approximately one hour and you will receive a written report which is tailored to the householder's personal (including financial and practical) circumstances. The report will include recommendations and cost-benefit estimates of various energy efficiency improvements.  For subsidies including free Home Energy Checks, visit our subsidies page. 


Design Well Check

The Design Well Check provides people in the process of building a new home with personalised advice on energy efficiency aspects of their new home.


Most new homes are constructed according to the minimum standards of the Building Code, not according to recommended standards. The Design Well Check was developed after our advisers received many comments from owners of new homes who found their new homes colder and harder to heat than expected.


Bring along your preliminary drawings and get expert advice from our energy advisors. Small investments during the build can add up to substantial savings during the lifetime of your home and increase your comfort.


Woodburner training

How you operate your woodburner will determine the level of smoke produced but also how much heat you get out of your wood. Our energy advisers can show you the best way to operate your woodburner. This is a free service in Canterbury Clean Air Zones. 


Group presentations

Our energy advisor can provide presentations to community groups and professionals working with (vulnerable) people in the community. Sessions are tailored to the target group (e.g. homeowners or tenants). The advisor can provide advice and information about how to create a healthy, energy efficient home, outline the services we offer, and discuss any subsidies available at the time. They can also demonstrates a number of low cost energy efficiency products that are highly effective but not widely known.


Presentations are available in person or over Zoom. Group sessions are free, however a gold coin donation per person attending would be much appreciated to ensure our trust can keep offering this service. 


Advice per phone, email, online

Our energy advisors provide free, independent, no obligation advice over the phone or by email, specific to your situation. As a charitable trust, we can guarantee our advice will always be fair, objective and independent. Our best tips and solutions to the most common energy efficiency issues are found below:


  • Energy advice videos: see below



Energy Advice Videos


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