Hot Water Cylinder Wrap

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Product benefits

Up to 34% of an average power bill is spent on heating hot water. If your cylinder feels hot to touch, you are losing valuable heat and a hot water cylinder wrap potentially saves money.

  • It can save up to 10% on a power bill ($28-$93 a year)
  • Average payback period is 1 to 3½ years.
  • A must for all non-A-grade (look for a big A on the side of the cylinder) hot water cylinders.


Product details:

  • You need a clearance of at least 5-10cm between the cylinder and the walls to ensure a wrap can be fitted.
  • Comes in a pack with instructions and tape.
  • Straps to fix to wall (as pictured) not included.
  • Size: 2150mm x 1600mm + foil overlap. Thickness is 65mm.

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