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Plug-in Power Meter

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Uncover how much your appliances really cost to run

Our plug in power meter measures the energy consumption and running cost of any standard plug-in appliance. It measures:

  • Watts- Instantaneous power usage.
  • kWh- Total power usage over time (what you are billed for).
  • Cost- Based on your electricity tariff(s).
  • & More - Volts, Amps, Frequency, Power Factor, & KgCO2.

The Power Meter will help you uncover your energy hungry appliances. Then you can start on reducing your power bills!


Here are some energy guzzlers we identified with this power consumption meter:

  • A desktop computer was found to use 22 watts in standby (costing $50 per year, when it was not even being used).
  • Reducing a pool pump's run-time by just two hours per day saved $250 per year.
  • A sound system was using 10 watts in standby (wasting $20 per year).
  • A dishwasher's lower temperature setting used 0.4 kWh less per load saving the household $40 per year.


Easy to use, simply plug your appliances into the meter to get their readings! Monitor electricity use of your appliances and start reducing power bills today!


In the box:

1 x Plug-in power meter

2 x LR44 coin battery (installed)



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