Double door 'sausage' for internal doors

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Door sausages stop draughts from under your internal doors. Door ‘sausages’ lie at the bottom of internal doors to stop cold draughts getting into your room. They are a low cost, long lasting and effective way to reduce draughts between the cold and heated parts of the house.

They are made from a tough hand-washable outer fabric and filled with a waterproof, hard-wearing filling. They are made from 100% recycled materials. The filling is made from shredded plastic which has been stripped off wire cables. The outer fabrics are the off-cuts from curtains from our Curtain Bank. Due to the source of the outer material, they are always unique and available in a wide range of different patterns and colours.


Keep draughts out today and get yourself a double door sausage today!

Door sausages are available as single or double (see image). Both types are approximately 80cm long.

If you are looking to order large quantities of this product please contact our office, as there may be more cost efficient shipping options available.



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