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Are you a renter? Here's how CEA can help!


Who is CEA?

Community Energy Action (CEA) is a charitable trust that is committed to ensuring people and their homes keep warm, dry and healthy throughout Canterbury (from Ashburton to Kaikoura) and also the West Coast.


Having worked in the community for over 24 years, we have helped over 23,000 homes and we are continually looking for ways to ensure your home is as energy efficient as it can be. We provide trusted, objective and fair advice. Our aim is to ensure a quality service for you and your home’s health. 


How CEA can help?


Our services include:


CEA can offer a FREE ceiling and underfloor insulation assessment of your home subject to approval by your landlord.

Residential tenancy laws introduced in 2016 require all rental properties to be insulated to a specified standard (where physically possible) by July 2019. They must also have a working smoke alarm in certain areas of the property. Check out the latest version of the Residential Tenancy Act.


The new Government funded insulation programme, Warmer Kiwi Homes, does not include financial support for landlords. We advise all landlords and tenants to get in touch regarding insulation in rental properties to find out how CEA can help.



CEA can offer FREE recycled curtains from our curtain bank to enable you to curtain all the windows in your home.  


If you are interested in this service you will need to complete a curtain bank measurement form by accessing the link to our web page here or if you are unable to print off the form please contact us and we can send one to you in the mail.


Once you have completed the measurement form all you need to do is phone the curtain bank and make an appointment to come to our premises and choose your new curtains.


Home Energy Check

CEA can offer a Home Energy Check where an energy advisor will visit your home and check your home for insulation, curtains, heating (including hot water), ventilation, lighting and review your electricity plan and usage. Following the assessment you will receive a report detailing a list of prioritised recommendations to assist you to make your home healthier, warmer and cheaper to run.


Some funding is available for CEA to perform a Home Energy check if you are living in the greater Christchurch area, or North Canterbury *(please note consent from landlord is required).


Energy advice

If you need advice on home health, heating, high power bills, lighting etc CEA can provide FREE energy advice and tips either via our website or by phone.  Our expert energy advisors will be happy to discuss any concerns you might have and will give you objective recommendations about the next steps available to you.

We can provide advice appropriate for all income levels to keep your family healthy.


Energy efficiency products

CEA has a range of low cost energy efficiency products available for sale either from our premises or via our website.  All products are heavily subsidised by CEA to make them affordable.


Wood burner education

If your home is in the Christchurch, Rangiora, Ashburton or Kaiapoi areas and your home has a wood burner, CEA can offer FREE wood burner education.

The aim of this training is to ensure that you know how to make your wood burner as efficient and cost effective as possible.  The design of wood burners has changed over recent years and along with this so has operating them.


Please note that all subsidies and discounts mentioned above are subject to conditions and criteria.  


How do you access these great services? 

If you know which of the above services you are interested in contact us now, or to enquire online click here.


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