Rental Compliance

New standards have been introduced that all residential rental properties will have to comply with: The Heathy Homes Standards. These standards cover insulation, heating, ventilation, moisture and drainage, and draught stopping. Landlords will also need to include documentation with rental contracts regarding their compliance with the new Standards.  


More information about requirements under the Healthy Homes Standards


Our services for rental properties

Right from our establishment in 1994, we have been working together with landlords on making tenanted properties warmer and drier so tenants stay longer and rental properties stay in a better condition. Hundreds of landlords have already relied on us to ensure their rental properties comply with the new set of regulations in an efficient, cost-effective way. 


We have many years experience in working with landlords, tenants and rental agencies. And we can help you too but don't wait until the last moment to make your rental property compliant as all contractors including us get very busy in the time leading up to deadlines!


Our services cover private residential rental properties only. 



We can insulate private rental properties to the required Healthy Homes Standards in a cost-effective and efficient manner. We install both ceiling and underfloor insulation. We can install insulation under the floor where there is a 300mm clearance from the bottom of the bearers to the ground.


Insulation statements

For properties already insulated, we offer insulation statements. These statements are free with purchased installed insulation.  Others can be arranged at a fee. Contact our office for current pricing.


We sell effective and affordable DIY draughtstopping material to comply with the draughtstopping requirements. Check out our shop for details.


Home Energy Check

Instead of a quote, we can also offer a comprehensive whole home energy assessment (Home Energy Check) which includes a quote for insulation where required. This is a free service (until funding runs out) for homes in the CCC rating area. It will partially cover the Healthy Homes Standards documentation requirements and includes some energy efficiency aspects not covered by the Healthy Homes Standards. 



Curtains are not a requirement under the Healthy Homes Standards. However, generously fitting, thick curtains are a good energy efficiency measure especially in single-glazed properties. Recycled curtains from our Curtain Bank are also available for rental properties.  



If you are a tenant and are unsure whether the property you are renting complies, please contact your landlord. We can only assess insulation, provide insulation statements and install insulation with the landlord's permission. 












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