Lighting can have a significant effect on the energy efficiency of a home and in more ways than you would think!


Modern LED lights will save on power and although they cost more to buy, in general they last much longer than other lights. Some of the most inefficient lights are are older style downlights.


Downlights are lights recessed into the ceiling, and are common in many homes built in the 1980’s and 90's. As these lights have transformers in the ceiling that get hot, they require 100mm of clearance between the light fitting and any insulation, which leaves large gaps in the ceiling insulation. As typically a ceiling has multiple of these lights, the effectiveness of any ceiling insulation with older downlights is greatly reduced. Another problem is that 95% of the power these downlights use is converted to heat, not light. In addition to this, many of these lights have a gap between the bulb and the ceiling meaning that hot air flows freely through to the ceiling space, reducing the warmth of your home. Especially if you are getting insulation installed, we strongly recommend replacing any old-style downlights.

I-C rated LED downlights

The recommended replacement for older style downlights is I-C rated LED downlights. They are 90% more energy efficient than traditional downlights. These lights do not emit a lot of heat, and insulation can be placed directly over them, increasing the energy efficiency of your home, and the effectiveness of your insulation. These highly efficient lights have a life span of up to 50,000 hours.


CEA can perform an assessment of your home’s lighting, and provide a quote to have any downlights replaced by a registered electrician. We will also fill any insulation gaps left by the old lights. You could save hundreds of dollars in the long term because these lights are more cost-effective to run and you will get much more benefit from your ceiling insulation. 


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