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Ventilating your rental properly is the third crucial factor in maintaining a healthy property. A poorly ventilated home can cause mould, condensation and dampness, which can cause or exacerbate health issues such as asthma, as well as damaging the house.


We recommend that every home have externally vented extractor fans (not into the ceiling) in the bathroom and kitchen, and laundry if applicable. We can provide advice about mechanical ventilation systems for your rental property. Aside from this, achieving proper ventilation is free and easy for your tenant to do at home. Simple changes to everyday behaviour can eliminate crying walls and windows, mould and stale, unhealthy air.


Quick ventilation tips:

  • Open windows on opposite sides of the house every day for 10 minutes, even in winter.
  • Keep the doors closed to bathroom, laundry and kitchen while you are using them, and if you have an extractor fan, use it!
  • Try to avoid drying clothing inside – this can release up to 3 litres of moisture into the air per load. If you have to dry clothes inside, do so away from living and sleeping areas, with the door shut & window open.


For more tips about how to ventilate, remove mould and condensation effectively and cheaply, check out our energy advice page.


For an in-depth, personalised assessment of your property with behavioural recommendations, ask about our tenant's home energy check.


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