Finance options

Insulation, heating and other energy efficiency measures in your home are a good investment. However, if you are wondering how you are going to afford it, here are some options. For free, confidential and impartial financial advice, we can recommend the services provided by Christchurch Budget Service (03 366 3422).


Contact your bank, if you have a mortgage

All major banks can add the amount needed for insulation and heating to your mortgage without extra fees. Some banks offer interest-free top-ups of your mortgage for insulation and heating. This means that for around $20 a week you can have a warm, comfortable home (amount depending on size of house and insulation required).


Advance payment of WINZ benefit

If you are currently receiving a benefit through WINZ you may be able to apply for an advance payment to help with the cost of energy efficiency in your home. This can be paid back over a period of time that is affordable for you. Find out more information on www.workandincome.govt.nz or call 0800 559009. CEA can provide you with a letter to assist your application should this be required.


Adding it to your rates

*This option is currently on hold until further notice.*

CEA is a registered provider of an Environment Canterbury scheme where you can add the cost of energy efficiency measures to your rates. This scheme is interest bearing and if any of the options above are possible to you that may be a better option.


The scheme enables eligible ratepayers in Canterbury to add the cost of home heating, insulation and/or ventilation products and installation to their rates bills. A maximum of $6,000 (including GST) is available per ratepayer.


The full amount plus interest will be paid back via the rates bills over nine years. This interest rate makes the scheme cost neutral to the rest of the community. The interest rate will remain fixed for the full nine years. Contact us for more information and to apply.


CEA payment plan

CEA may be able to offer an interest-free payment plan. Please ask our customer service team for more information on this.

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