About Community Services Cards

Community Services Cards (CSC) are issued by Work and Income (WINZ), but are not just available to those receiving a benefit. Households on a low to middle income (depending on family size) are eligible for a CSC. A CSC can help you with the affordability of health care and some other services. A CSC may provide insulation and heating subsidies.


Super Gold Cards

Not all Gold Cards are automatically a CSC. You may need to apply for a CSC to be incorporated into your Gold Card which will then be a Super Gold Card. To find out whether your Gold Card is a Super Gold Card, check for the CSC behind the number on the back of your card.


Income limits for a CSC from Work and Income


2021 CSC incomes limits from WINZ website

Source: Work and Income


If you do qualify for a CSC, we recommend you apply for one straight away. It can take a number of weeks to process your application and receive the letter or card. You can already apply for the subsidies and we can already assess the insulation in your house and measure up. However, we cannot install insulation before we have seen your CSC.  

If you do not qualify for a CSC, check out other finance options


For more information, and to apply for a CSC, click here.

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