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Our Clients

We provide services for every person in our community, regardless of income and level of assistance required. We regularly gather feedback to assess how we are performing in the eyes of our clients; sometimes grateful clients go above and beyond to express their gratitude with cards, home made baking and flowers from their gardens. 


Check out our testimonials below:


The Sisters of the Little Company of Mary,

Providers of affordable rental accomodation for low income, independant senior citizens.

"On behalf of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary, I wish to express our gratitude to you and your organisation for your generous assistance to improve the level of insulation in our villas at Mary Potter Courts... The improved insulation in our villas, installed with your support, will certainly improve resident'comfort and reduce their worries over winter sickness and power bills..."


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Roy and Lorraine,

Homeowners, Repair well, Warm & Well recipients.

Roy and Lorraine’s house was badly damaged in the earthquakes. The couple were assisted through a variety of programmes, including Find and Fix, and Repair Well.


“The house was draughty, cold and rattling. We started to get sick in the winter because it was so cold. It’s a lot warmer now. I don’t get colds and flu as much. You’ve been marvellous”. 



Hayley Fletcher, 

Practice Nurse,

Oxford Community Health Centre.

“Your presentation was fabulous and I would like to congratulate you on the way you deliver your message and also the usefulness of it! Thanks again for sharing your great tips – We will be ensuring our household makes some changes, as well as ensure my daughter’s flat benefits from the info as well.”



The Baird Family,

Homeowners, Repair well, Warm & Well recipients.

Leigh-Anne’s family suffered a range of health conditions that were caused or exacerbated by the cold. She says that after having the insulation and heat pump installed, the family hasn’t been back to hospital at all.

“We tried everything. My son got pneumonia, we almost lost him. The guys were amazing. I was in tears, so appreciative. It’s just made the house so much warmer”.





“When CEA staff came and did the assessment, they recommended we had a second heat pump. Our current one only heated one room. I had a fan sitting on the floor at one point to try and push heat into the bedrooms. We were still running a gas heater because it’s the easiest way to put the heat in before the kids go to bed. But, of course, putting all that extra moisture in the air wasn’t helping.


We’ve got underfloor and ceiling insulation now as well. We’ve gone from between, at one stage it was, $150 to $200 per week in power. Now I pay $58 a week, and we are even in credit. It makes a huge difference!


I had four winters in a row where I had pneumonia. I haven’t had it in two years! I also don’t have to stress so much about the kids being cold anymore; we have two asthmatics in the house so if it gets too cold overnight you can hear them coughing… that’s not a good quality sleep”.



Eileen Wolland

Whanau Ora Earthquake Support Navigator – Resilience. Hurunui District.

“One of my first clients to receive support had a baby who was born six months prior to the earthquake. Her baby would to get bad bronchial chest infections most of the year, in winter especially, with a huge amount of doctors visits. Not only did CEA staff put insulation in their house, they also found the extractor fan in the bathroom was feeding straight into the ceiling of the babies’ room. So CEA fixed it up and her daughter’s health improved immensely.


By the time CEA staff visit my clients, many of my clients have had numerous people enter their home with varying levels of treatment. If it wasn’t for CEA staff, I think some of our community would never let another person walk through their door; they are just so overwhelmed by some of the treatment they’ve received. You can see a whole positive change in people’s wellbeing after CEA staff have visited!”



Nancy Merherne

Homeowner, Repair Well recipient.

“I feel very lucky to have these improvements given to me and have them done so well… It is so nice to have a warm room, it really improved the whole house!” 



Lindsay Evans

Chair of St Albans Uniting Parish.

"I wish to thank you on behalf of the St Albans Uniting Parish for your presentation about CEA at our Community Comment on Friday, 2nd February 2018.


Many people are finding it increasingly hard to manage their use of electricity in their home & it was good to know the Community Energy Action Trust is around to give help with advice and financial support, in certain circumstance.  The Curtain Bank is another fine example of community service"


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Alice Shankie and Daphne Day

Healthy Homes Co-Ordinator,

Hornby Primary School.

"Thank you very much for your support with our Healthy Homes initiative.


It has been beneficial to our community, working together with Community Energy Action.  With your support our parents have been provided with advice, tips, resources, these have helped them save money and work towards safe healthy homes.


One of the resources we were able to utilize was the curtain van, which visited during a community event.  By having it on site, our parents felt more comfortable being able to accepting this charity.


We will be continuing to use some of the tips over the summer months to help our community to prepare for next winter."



Kawa Andisheh

Rotary Club of Christchurch Sunrise.

"I am writing on behalf of the Rotary Club of Christchurch Sunrise to thank you for addressing our club members on 9th March.


It was great for the members to have a chance to hear all about Community Energy Action. 


Thank you for putting in the time and energy for what I found was a most interesting presentation."


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