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About us


Who are we?

In 1994, New Zealand faced an energy crisis. Steeply rising residential energy prices, coupled with a nationwide shortage, sent panic into the minds and pockets of many kiwis. Recognising the serious impact of this on low income earners, Ian McChesney, Delle Small and Richard Cottrell formulated a plan, and undertook several workshops to develop practical energy efficiency measures for low income earners.


CEA was born.


Since then we have grown to fit the needs of our community, keeping to our principles of understanding what our community really needs to ensure their environment is healthy, and making sure that it is affordable. At present we are an organisation of 35 staff, including 7 insulation installers. CEA is guided by our board of trustees.


Since 1994, we have insulated over 20,000 homes, and provided thousands of sets of curtains to households in need.


Where are we?

Our offices are located at 299 Tuam St, in Christchurch Central.

We provide services for the Canterbury region, from the Rangitata River to Kaikoura, as well as the West Coast.

We work with the district councils and health boards of these communities on projects to improve resident wellbeing.


What we believe:

We believe that every person in our community should have access to a warm, dry, healthy and affordable home.

We aim to

  • provide advice and education to our community
  • provide leadership and advocacy within our community and on a national level
  • ensure relevant energy efficiency solutions are available to all households in our community


Community Energy Action

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+64 3 374 7222

299 Tuam Street, Christchurch

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