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New subsidy for Homeowners


Warmer Kiwi Homes, a four year Government initiative, subsidies are available, up to 92% of the total cost of the insulation and install, for eligible homeowners. CEA is the only service provider from Ashburton through to Kaikoura and across the West Coast.


Who is eligible?

Those on low incomes who own and live in their homes. Landlords are not eligible, more information on insulation available for landlords can be found here.


To be eligible for the grant you will need to;


  • be the homeowner (owner-occupier) of a home built before 2008 AND
  • have a valid Community Services Card or SuperGold combo card, OR
  • own and be living in a home in an area identified as lower-income - contact us to find out if your address qualifies, OR
  • be referred by the Healthy Homes Initiative.


What you need to do to get access to this subsidy;


1. Don' t hesitate !

2. Call CEA on 0800 438 9276 or 0800 GET WARM to find out if you are eligible.

3. Book in a free, no obligation insulation scope and quote.


Funding is limited so be quick. Flexible, interest free payment plans may be available through CEA to help pay for remaining costs. Warmer Kiwi Homes applies to funding for underfloor and ceiling insulation and ground moisture barriers.


Why insulate?

Having adequate home insulation is one of the most important, effective ways to keep your house healthy. Home insulation will help keep you warm in the winter, reducing the cost of heating your home, and cooler in summer.


Studies have shown the benefits to health of having a well insulated home.

View the Canterbury Healthy Homes Evaluation Report.


We provide home insulation product and installation for ceiling, underfloor, and walls. We provide services across the South Island from Ashburton to Kaikoura, and right across to the West Coast.


What is insulation and how does it work:

Insulation is a product that is installed in the roof and underfloor cavities. It works by trapping layers of still air, reducing the heat conductivity, and allowing less warm air to escape your home. If your house is poorly insulated, heating may be less effective and costly to run.


Insulation performance is measured in R values. Over time, insulation compacts, and the effectiveness of it is reduced. If your home was built before 2008, it is likely to need a top up of insulation.


Types of insulation we use:

We use quality New Zealand made insulation products, that we tailor specifically to your home. Products include wool, polyester and fibre glass. All our insulation products have manufacturers guarantees for up to 50 years.


For information on foil insulation please click here


The CEA process:

  1. Call or email us, and we’ll book in your free assessment
  2. One of our expert assessors will come to your property, assess your ceiling and underfloor
  3. We will then prepare and email or post your quote to you
  4. We will contact you to book your installation appointment 

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Make an appointment (Households)
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