2020-05-07Getting it right from the get-go7 May 2020"> <span class="hidden">2020-05-07</span>Getting it right from the get-go<span>7 May 2020</span>

Rochelle and family happy with their recycled curtains


Getting it right from the get-go

Rochelle used to work for the Christchurch City Council when one day they had a seminar at work by one of CEA’s energy advisors. What she heard there made such an impression that  as soon as she bought a house with her partner, they called in CEA to check on their new purchase.


“It is our biggest investment but we had never bought a house in New Zealand before,” she says. “We wanted to know how to start, where do we go from here?”


They were unsure what to look for to make the  house  warmer and  healthier for their young family.


“The CEA assessor was full of knowledge on how to best spend your money. It was really reassuring.” CEA upgraded their insulation and advised the family about the best heating. But the assessor also told Rochelle about the  importance of  good curtains, enclosed curtain tracks and the Curtain Bank.


“I would never have known about these enclosed curtain tracks,” Rochelle recalls. With Rochelle  now a stay at home mum and the family  down to one income,  the price of new curtains was a bit of a shock.  “We looked  at a few places  but curtains are insanely expensive!”


So they contacted the Curtain Bank.


“I couldn’t believe it when I saw the big room with all the curtains. I thought they were going to be very brown and old but it wasn’t like that at all.  I  was  super impressed with how everything was organised and stored. Obviously a lot of work has gone into that.”


“The staff at the Curtain Bank were amazing, so friendly and very helpful to find something suitable for the kids’ bedrooms.”


Rochelle’s two young daughters were very excited to get new

curtains. “Fearne calls her room the rainbow room. She loves the colour. Her room is the hottest in the house. With the curtains it is much cooler now.”


The other kids’ bedroom had the opposite problem. “Lily’s room doesn’t get any sun at all and used to be very cold. Now it’s fine. I can’t thank you enough!”


And Rochelle is spreading the word about CEA  and  the  Curtain Bank.  Her  sister just bought a house and she has advised her to contact CEA. “Those guys put you on the right track, I told her.”


Intended or not, we think that is an excellent pun!


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