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Danielle´s new home is warmer with recycled curtains


Landlord spreading the word

23 May 2021


Now we often hear stories of landlords not keeping their tenants warm but Danielle’s landlord installed insulation through CEA to keep her partner, who has asthma, healthy. And when the couple moved out because they had bought their own house, he advised them to get in touch with CEA to make sure their new house would be warm.


The new house already had insulation and a heat pump but the windows were single-glazed and not all windows had curtains. The ones that had, were not very good and functional in keeping the cold out.


"We just have the heat pump to heat the whole house. In the bedroom we could feel the cold. Once the heat got to the bedroom it escaped.”


So when Danielle got pregnant the couple started to look into curtains. “We wanted our baby to be in a warm, safe room,” Danielle says.


But as they looked around, they soon found out that good curtains don’t come cheap. “We couldn’t afford the good ones.”


So remembering the advice from their former landlord, they contacted CEA.


“The Curtain Bank service was so easy to use. I applied online and we had the curtains before baby Indiana was born.”


It made all the difference to the heat of the house. “We just have the heat pump on and it now easily heats the whole house.”


She is telling all her friends from her baby classes and her sister-in-law who has just bought a house. “If you are a first home buyer and don’t have too much money to keep warm, I definitely recommend the Curtain Bank.”

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