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Plug in Power Meter

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Plug in Power Meter

  • Measures the electricity consumption of any appliance that plugs into the wall. (Fridge, TV, washing machine, some hot water cylinders, heaters, computers, gaming consoles etc...)
  • Measures current electricity use (watts) and electricity use over time (KWh).
  • Shows the cost of running the appliance.
  • Displays Voltage and Amps.



  • Find out how much electricity an appliance uses over a few hours, days, weeks or months.

  • Find out if it is worth running that second fridge or freezer in the garage.

  • Check how much electricity an appliance uses when it’s on standby.

  • Check for faults and check the efficiency of an appliance.

  • Compare actual electricity consumption with stated consumption.

  • Measure a group of appliances plugged into a power board.





Test how much electricity your fridge uses each day and how much it costs to run:

  • Check on your power bill to see how much you pay per KWh. This will be something like 26 cents per KWh. Program this into the power meter, and it will calculate the running cost.
  • At 8pm plug the Power Meter into the wall and the fridge into the Power Meter
  • At 8pm the following day check the Power Meter. It will show how much electricity the fridge has used for one day and how much it has cost to run.
  • The Power Meter will record the amount of time the fridge has been using electricity out of the last 24 hours. (If your fridge is running 24 hrs a day it may be time to upgrade).
  • It’s a good idea to leave the Power Meter plugged in for a few days to make sure you are seeing typical use.
  • Try leaving the Power Meter plugged in for one month. Compare this to your montly power bill to see what portion the fridge is responsible for.
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