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We provide services for every person in our community, regardless of income and level of assistance required. We regularly gather feedback to assess how we are performing in the eyes of our clients; sometimes grateful clients go above and beyond to express their gratitude, with cards, home made baking and flowers from their gardens. 


Roy and Lorraine

Roy and Lorraine’s house was badly damaged in the earthquakes. The couple were assisted through a variety of programmes, including Find and Fix, and Repair Well.


The house was draughty, cold and rattling. We started to get sick in the winter because it was so cold.

It’s a lot warmer now. I don’t get colds and flu as much. You’ve been marvellous”.  

 The Baird Family

 Leigh-Anne’s family suffered a range of health conditions that were caused or exacerbated by the cold. She says that after having the insulation and heat pump installed, the family hasn’t been back to hospital at all.

“We tried everything. My son got pneumonia, we almost lost him. The guys were amazing. I was in tears, so appreciative. It’s just made the house so much warmer”.



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