Community Energy Action provides free or subsidised insulation, efficient heating, recycled curtains

Customer testimonials

This is what our customers are saying about our Curtain Bank:



Danielle, Redwood

“We recently bought this place but the curtains that came with it, you could see right through. At night we would have lots of draughts. The master bedroom didn’t have any curtains at all. We used to feel the chill on our faces.


"Now it’s definitely much warmer.”


Carole, Sockburn

“I had a sheet up in the lounge as a curtain. It always felt cold going up to the windows.


"I don’t have a lot of money so I was absolutely thrilled to hear about the Curtain Bank. It felt like Christmas.  I’m absolutely delighted. It’s definitely changed the warmth and look of the house!


“Please go to the Curtain Bank; they are very welcoming and so helpful.”



Iosefu, Linwood

“I was a bit shy to call for help but my wife said it was for the benefit of the children, they (curtains) all looked so beautiful.


"Winter is nearly finished and we’ve hardly had any mould on the walls. And I’ve only had one of my children sick once this winter. It’s a healthier home.


"Don’t be shy to ask for help”.


Lia, Hillsborough

“With the curtains, it’s a big change. Before, it would be just as cold as outside. Now you can feel the warmth in the place. You people are the ones who are keeping me warm.”







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